Join our Coalition to Protect Missouri from New Taxes

Published on Sep 22, 2016 | by

Join our Coalition to Protect Missouri from New Taxes! 

Missourians rely on all sorts of basic services every day. Haircuts, manicures, shoe repairs; the services of a family doctor, a lawyer or accountant; the lease on a family’s home. Those services are now tax-free. But politicians hungry for new revenue want to put a sales tax on basic services.

Imagine if 10% was added to every visit to the doctor and dentist. What if it cost you 10% more every time the plumber came to the house?

Calculate what new taxes could cost you every year by clicking on the image below:

Sales taxes are already too high, and they hit hardest for those who can least afford to pay: low-and-middle-income Missourians, senior citizens on fixed incomes and the disabled. Join our coalition to Protect Missouri from New Taxes. It’s the right thing to do.


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