Take a look at a few quotes from our clients:

I want to thank you for all your help, and advice. I am very happy with your outstanding service! I feel you helped me get a great deal for a great space. I will highly recommend you.

Robert BradleyMobility Plus

St. Onge Management has been a tremendous teammate to us for several business dealings. We listed a commercial property and they were the only realtors that were willing to list our property at the price we were looking for. Ultimately they worked with us to come up with creative ways to market our property and think outside of the box. Charlie works diligently to share all options to the buyer and the seller. Ultimately they were able to close the deal.

 In the meantime, we listed another property with them and it was sold within three weeks of it being listed.

 Honesty, integrity and care for their clients describes Charlie and Michelle.

Michele Reed, Owner, See Our Solutions


 Now that I’ve titled my Testimonial, let me further add commentary that tells why the word should get out. Myself and my wife being owners of a business on acreage, were ready to begin our retirement on the right foot by selling this property. Charlie gave us the opportunity to first establish several close face-to-face personal meetings with him instead of phone calls or email contact. That solidified the absolute essential.....TRUST. From that day forward it always has been there, always will be there. The phone calls and emails easily followed, as well as any impromptu meetings set-up at the drop of a hat. So yes....AVAILABILITY for discussion, return phone calls, emails, etc. are really a strong point for Charlie and his assistant, Michelle. But well above and beyond that, KNOWLEDGE OF THE MARKET was most essential to our success in selling. His awareness of market turns and developer needs has led to our current successful "under contract" position. This could not have happened without several face-to-face meetings with the buyers, as well as meetings with city planners, managers, etc. regarding differing end use zoning and acceptance. This willingness to THINK AND WORK OUTSIDE OFTHE BOX elevates Charlie and his ability to do whatever it takes to "make it happen". His relentless follow-up and contact makes you feel like you are always at or near the top of his list.

What started out as a business relationship has led to a wonderful PERSONALIZED CONNECTION between all parties involved. This greatly facilitates the resolution of the inevitable hurdles found in all real estate transactions, whether residential or commercial. We look forward in keeping those personal connections and will gladly offer first-hand commentary to any party or individual wanting an independent and confidential revue of the St. Onge management team.

My only question working with Charlie and Michelle......will we still get our Christmas cookies after our sale becomes a thing of the past?

Jeff Sher, The Infield, Inc.

As the owner of the Westwoods Center I Building, an 18,000 square foot office/warehouse located at 16201 - 16233 Westwoods Business Park in Ellisville, I congratulate you for doing such a great job of bringing the business back and achieving a 100% occupancy in the process. By realizing that our tenants are our number one concern and shaping the leases in such a way as to satisfy their business needs and wellbeing, we were able, together, to reach this high level of proficiency.  

Keep up the good work!

Peter P. Piccione, Owner, Westwoods Center I Building

I have had the pleasure of knowing Charlie St. Onge as my "landlord" the past 22 years since I manage a veterinary practice that leases 3000 square feet in Tammy Square. I am constantly amazed at how they exceed my expectations. Recently, they painted and spruced up the outside of our complex, installed security cameras, sealed the parking lot, and placed a recycling bin just outside our back door so we can recycle cardboard boxes and paper. I am thrilled when I get to work on a snowy day, and my parking lot has been plowed before I arrive. 

Michelle, the manager, "aka" the friendly and knowledgeable voice on the phone, is a delight to work with. She knows me on a first name basis and handles my concerns and questions in a prompt manner. From time to time, they even promote my business on their Facebook page! Wow! 

If you have any real estate needs, I wholeheartedly recommend Charlie and Michelle from St. Onge Management and Exchange Corporation.

Phyllis Webster, Practice Manager, Tri-City Animal & Bird Clinic.

Being commercial property owners in Wildwood, we have known Charlie St. Onge for over 30 years. When it came time to sell Cherry Hills Square, Charlie was one of the three commercial real estate agents we called. Out of the three bids for our listing, Charlie's proposal was the most professional and thorough. Unlike other agents, it was obvious he not only wanted the listing, but actually believed in our property.

Accepting Charlie's proposal was the best decision we made! Living in another state, Charlie worked non-stop to make sure everything was taken care of. He kept us posted with any and all updates, etc. 

Charlie was able to bring us several potential buyers to secure the sale of our professional building. He definitely went above and beyond to help make the selling process go smoothly. We would not hesitate to work with and/or refer Charlie to anyone looking for a real estate professional.

George Simcik and Family