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419 & 437
Under contact


Square Feet: Properties can be sold individually or together.  The Lots are typically over two (2) acre in size.
Type: Property

Status: 437 & 419 Old State Road UNDER CONTRACT


This 423 Old State Road, Lot #1 is just over one (1) acre in size.  It is zoned M1 Light Industrial and can accommodate a shop/warehouse building for your specific use.  The utilities are adjoining the Lot and the property will be served off of the Pierside Industrial Drive and the Pierside and Old State Road intersection. 

Document Downloads

Overall Grading Plan Old State Road

Ellisville M1 Zoning Map

Boundary Adjustment Survey for 3 Lots

Ellisville M1 Zoning Code

423, 437 & 445 Flyer

580 Old State Road, Ellisville, MO

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